What is the difference between have been and has been? How to Speak English like a Native

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have been and has been

have been and has been are in the same tense, we just use different subjects for them.


In this video, Gabby wants you to see if you can tell when she uses ‘have been’ and ‘has been in her story about the journey of Go Natural English


Gabby mostly talks about what’s been going on in Go Natural English, trying to give you a lot of examples of “have been” and “has been.”


“Has been,” is only used when the subject is: he, she, it. Gabby mostly mentioned “it” because of the experience and her time working in Go Natural English.


Gabby used have been and has been when she talked about herself and you, her audience. So, have been being used when the subject is: I, you, we and they.


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