Think in English with Easy Everyday Activities


Stop translating in your head and think in English. It’s easy when you live through English, doing your everyday activities with an English-learning mindset.


Why is it difficult to think in English? Probably it’s because you didn’t learn to speak English this way in your traditional English class. You had to learn through translations, literature, and outdated vocabulary. Nowadays the most important skill to learn is speaking! Thinking and speaking English go hand-in-hand. In this video lesson, you’ll hear several easy-to-implement suggestions for gaining more English thinking (and speaking!) time into your daily life. Thinking in English can be easy when you do these creative, free everyday activities. You’ll improve your English skills quickly when you learn to “live” English and not just study English.


01:00 Learning English through translation (and why you need to stop)
02:00 Learning English through living it
3:20 Talk to your pet or plants or any living thing in English!
4:57 Set your cellphone in English 5:38 Watch programs in English, and how to do it effectively
6:50 Repeat what you hear out loud 7:12 Recipes in English and learning culture and English speaking
7:50 Talk through your day in English 8:10 Develop automatic, subconscious English thinking and speaking skills
8:40 Bonus ideas to think in English


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