T & D Sounds: How to Understand and Speak English like an American

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Americans may not speak the way you expect them to. Words and phrases are said differently than how they are read. Speaking English in an American accent is different from other accent

One viewer noticed that words with the letter “T” in the middle were pronounced with a less harsh, “D” sound. It may be difficult to understand certain words when they aren’t pronounced exactly as you read them so it’s important to know the different sounds that words make when pronounced by different speakers.

Words such as:

  • Water
  • Butter
  • Tomato
  • Matter

The “T” sound is usually softened and it sounds like a “D”. If you want to understand Americans, you will definitely need to acquaint yourself with this speech pattern.

Afterwards, you shouldn’t have too much trouble understanding North American movies or speakers. It only takes a little bit of practice, but soon you will be a professional!

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