A Secret Way To Improve Your English Pronunciation

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It’s no secret that English is a very complicated language to learn and speak. There are rules, written and unwritten, that determine how words are spelled or pronounced. In this video, Gabby talks about a secret way to improve your English pronunciation.


‘Schwa’ refers to the English pronunciation of the unstressed syllable. When a word has two or more syllables it will have a strong and weak syllable. The strong syllable is going to change the sound of the weak syllable.


Take a look at the words below and see if you can determine which vowel sound is changed.




The underlined letter is the weak syllable in the word and the capitalized letters are the strong syllable. Because ‘A’ is the weak syllable, it is pronounced as ‘uh’.


Almost as if it’s being punched in the stomach.


The same goes for ‘Celebrate’.




These kind of changes can be confusing but practice will always make your comprehension so much better. Listen to native speakers and review your vocabulary. That way you can get used to how words are pronounced and the flow of spoken English.


Hopefully this video has been helpful to your English skills!


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