Pronunciation of 28 English Words That Start with “U”

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Here are some English words starting with “u” and their pronunciations:

  1. Under: un-der
  2. Unhappy: un-HAP-ee
  3. Unlike: un-LYKE
  4. Unpack: un-PAK
  5. Unsafe: un-SAFE
  6. Until: un-TIL
  7. Unwrap: un-WRAP
  8. Up: upp
  9. Upstairs: up-STAIRZ
  10. Upward: up-ward
  11. Use: yoos
  12. User: yoo-zer
  13. Umbrella: um-BRELL-uh
  14. Unbelievable: un-buh-LEEV-uh-buhl
  15. Uncomfortable: un-KUHM-fuhr-tuh-buhl
  16. Understand: un-der-STAND
  17. United: yoo-NAY-tid
  18. University: yoo-NIH-vur-si-tee
  19. Unlucky: UHN-LUH-kee
  20. Unpredictable: un-prih-DIK-tuh-buhl
  21. Upset: up-SET
  22. Uptight: uhp-TITE
  23. Usual: YOO-zhoo-uhl
  24. Utility: yoo-TIL-i-tee
  25. Utter: UH-tuhr
  26. Uvula: YOO-vyoo-luh
  27. Uxorious: uhk-SOHR-ee-uhs
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