Pronouncing Difficult Brand Names In English

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Hi everyone! Today, I’m talking about Brand names that are challenging to say!

The world today is completely interconnected, with people able to connect and travel faster than ever. Within this connected world is an economy with an endless number of brands and individuals that are buying, trading, and selling any number of goods or services! 

In today’s lesson, I want to go through a few unique sectors with famous brands that might be difficult to pronounce! I’ll provide the correct pronunciation, and also the American pronunciation! Let’s practice speaking together!


Alright, let’s get after it!

Let’s start today with Luxury clothing companies! Many of the following brands are European, and many of those are French, which are notorious for having words written differently than they are pronounced!

 Louis Vuitton 

American: Loo-ee Va-tahn

Proper: Loo-EE Vwee-ton (Swollwing the n)



American: Shuh-nel

Proper: Shah-nel



American: Ga-vin-she

Proper: Zhee-von-she



Proper: Ba-len-cee-ah-ga


 Yves Saint Laurent 

American: eevs say-nt Luh-rent

Proper: Eve San Lo-rah (Difficult because we don’t have these sounds in English)



American: Ber-ber-ee 

Proper: Beh-beh-ry



American: Air-mez 

Proper: Er-mes


Apparel Brands 

Now that we have talked about some luxury clothing, let’s talk about some apparel brands that are more mainstream! And to begin, I want to help with Fjallraven, which means Arctic fox in Swedish!



American: Fee-yal-rah-vin

Proper: Fee-yal-rah-vin



American: Ny-key 

Proper: Ny-key



American: Uh-dee-does 

Proper: ah-dee-dass


 Polo ralph lauren

American:Po-low Ralf Lor-in 

Proper: Pol-low Ralf Lor-in


Cars and Electronics

The final group will be a couple of popular vehicles and electronic companies that I’ve noticed mispronounced while traveling! And We will begin with 2 cell phone brands from China!



American: Show-me (-show like in shower)

Proper: She-ow-me



American: Wah-way

Proper: Whaw-way


And just to mention a few popular car companies! And I am purposely avoiding brands that you wouldn’t commonly find in the USA!

Chevrolet: American car company!

American: Chev-ro-lay

Proper: Chev-ro-lay


Hyundai: South Korean Car maker!

American: Hun-day

Proper: Hun-day (there is a slight difference, but it is basically this!)


 Toyota: Japanese car manufacturer!

American: Toy-oda

Proper: Toy-o-ta (falling intonation on the single ‘o’)


 Chrysler: American car that is changing its name to Stellantis in 2021

American: Cry-slur 

Proper: Cry-slur


Final Thoughts

So that wraps up today’s English lesson! Do you have questions about these brand names? What’s the most interesting brand name from your country!? Let me know in the comments below! And if you want extra English learning, sent directly to your inbox, click HERE! I hope you enjoyed learning today! And if you’d like to continue on your English journey, check out one of these other fun lessons HERE

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