A Systematic, Clear Way to Understand Native English Speakers

Finally, you can understand fast-talking native English speakers.

Can you imagine walking into a room of people speaking English quickly, and being able to understand what they are saying with ease? The ability to listen to fluent English speakers and comprehend the meaning of what they are saying is a super power!

You’ll be able to enjoy your work, travel, hobbies, and reach your goals faster when you can understand people, music, movies and the news freely, without subtitles!

It’s easy to understand your English teacher in the classroom… but when you go into real- world situations, it’s so difficult to understand. What would life be like if you could understand more native English?

Imagine understanding conversations with native English speakers, important information from officials (staff, managers, police, etc), travel situations, work situations, presentations, TEDx talks on youTube, movies without subtitles, audio books, podcasts, and much more!

You might not even be aware of how much you’re missing when you don’t understand spoken English.

That’s why I created a course that will prepare you to feel comfortable and confident in English-speaking situations.

Open your world when you understand up to 60% more of what you hear in English.

What’s inside?

By the end of the Listening Course, you will understand WHY English is so difficult to understand outside of the English classroom.

And you’ll understand HOW to approach English-speaking situations with confidence and better comprehension.

The Listening Course includes 16 lessons on listening skills concepts and 8 lessons with native English listening practice.

The 17 Secrets to Native English Listening Skills Course for $197 USD is a one-time payment and you have instant, complete, lifetime access to the 24 lessons.

How to Use The Course

It’s easy and fast to study with the online listening course — simply log in from anywhere with internet and open the course online and start learning. Start at the beginning, follow the chapters in order, and see your English improve in a short time with a new understanding of how to achieve real listening comprehension.

The entire audio eBook is available to read and listen to anytime, from anywhere with internet, 100% online. You can access it with your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long is the course and what format is it?

The course is 24 recorded video lessons approximately 15 minutes each.

Q: How will this help my listening skills?

In the course, we focus on listening skills, and guide you from understanding individual sounds and words to complex phrases and sentences as spoken by fast-talking native speakers.

Q: I prefer live classes. Does this course have tutoring?

No, this is a pre-recorded course that you can study any time. There is no live component and no deadline to finish.

Q: What level of English is necessary?

This course is best for intermediate English learners. However, advanced English learners usually pick up some great tips and strategies.

Q: Can I buy with Paypal?

Yes. When you click on “buy now” you will see an option to pay with Paypal.

Q: Is the online payment safe?

Yes, we use SSL security and a trusted credit card processor. Paypal is another safe alternative.

Q: Can I ask you another question?

Sure, you can contact the Go Natural English Team at info@GoNaturalEnglish.com

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