How to Make People Think You’re Fluent in English

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Did you know there’s a lot more to English fluency than perfect grammar, a huge vocabulary, and long sentences? 

Fluency is 60% made up of other factors — the WAY you express yourself, your intonation and tone of voice, your facial expressions, your smile, your gestures, and the way you make other people feel. 

Additionally, the language part of fluency can be improved significantly by making small changes, and by choosing your words wisely.

Obviously, this is not for pure beginners! However, once you have an intermediate grasp of the English language, you can make people THINK you are more fluent simply by the WAY you express yourself.

A lot of people think to be fluent, they need to have perfect grammar and native pronunciation, you need to know your textbook inside and out and get 100% on all tests. This is not true

People are more likely to think you’re fluent if you’re confident, even if you make some grammar or pronunciation mistakes. 

How to Make People Think You’re Fluent in English: Strategies and Tips

First, speak English to a mirror, or record yourself on video. Do you look nervous? Or confident? Practice your confident posture and smile, even if you are just saying “hello.”

Mimic some phrases from native speakers such as “How’s it going?” instead of “I’m fine, and you?” 

Have phrases, like tools, ready to go for the basic functions in life — starting, continuing, and ending a conversation. You’ll use these over and over, just like certain tools I use around my house over and over. 

Select one topic to improve your conversation skills about each week – perhaps a hobby, or a job or professional topic you’d like to be able to talk about in more depth, more fluently. 

Let me tell you, confidence goes a long way.

Summary of How to Make People Think You’re Fluent in English

What are 3 things that can make you seem fluent, even if you’re not? – smile, confidence, quick reusable phrases

What is more important for communication, the way you speak English or the accuracy of your English?

What’s a simple, free tool you can use to practice your confidence speaking? – a mirror

You’ve got this, please don’t worry about perfection, but love yourself and your English as it is, each day striving to get better!


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