How to Learn Fluent English: Practical Strategies that Work!

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What if there were a way to accelerate your Learn Fluent English; to learn more in less time? What if there were a way to become a language-learning expert, so that you’re not only learning English, but you’re also able to easily learn or absorb any language you wanted to learn?

The First Step of English-Language Learning

Here at Go Natural English, our mission is to teach English in a way that meets all of the above criteria. The first step is to learn how to learn English. We don’t just dive right into verb tenses or lists of vocabulary words. Instead, we prefer to teach you the ins and outs of the English language in a more meaningful way!

Before learning any specific English lessons, we have to make sure that we have a learning mindset, and that we understand strategies for language learning. This is because the way we’ve been taught to learn a language in school, whether you were learning English or any other language, hasn’t worked very well.

Simply put traditional methods at traditional schools, and in a traditional classroom with traditional textbooks, don’t work!

Luckily, Gabby has a great group of strategies that you can use to improve the way you learn English. Whether you’re learning English, or are using these tips to learn another language, these non-traditional learning methods will help you learn in a way you never have before.

[Tip: If you’ve already downloaded the Go Natural English ebook, you will be able to find these strategies on page 7.]

Strategies for Learn Fluent English

1. Read every day!

Reading a little bit every day is especially helpful if you’re not living in an environment where English is commonly spoken. If the things around you are in your native language, challenge yourself to select something every day to read in English. The easiest way is to make this an automatic task. Good examples would be to read/watch the news in English (here is a great source that is geared toward English learners), or read a part of a book that you are excited about (any genre).

2. Review and repeat what you’ve already learned!

If you don’t review and repeat what you’ve learned, your memory won’t be as flexible, and you won’t be able to use that knowledge as easily. Repetition will guarantee that you become stronger, faster, better, and continue improving your knowledge. Although your brain isn’t anatomically a muscle, you should treat it like one when learning English. You must exercise it, build your muscle, and grow your endurance.

3. Keep a positive mindset!

Make a point to keep yourself motivated and confident. Don’t be tempted to focus on what you can’t do! Don’t worry about whether or not you think your English fluency is where you want it to be, don’t focus on your mistakes, and don’t stress over how hard you think learning English will be. These thoughts are not helpful. Instead, keep a positive mindset, and think about all the things you have accomplished and learned. Remember that you are 100% capable of learning English fluently. We believe in you, and we want you to believe in yourself too!

4. Focus on what you can do!

Focus on your abilities and what you can improve. Even if there is just one small thing you can learn today or one single mistake that you could work on, use these as opportunities to learn and improve. If you learn just one new thing every day, you will continue to improve over time and make progress!

5. Vary your media!

Use a variety of resources and of different kinds of media. Don’t limit yourself! Use learning tools in all their forms: text, audio, video, and everything in between. The more varied your consumption of media, the more you will be able to identify words in text and speech.

6. Find media you love!

Use the books you love and the music you enjoy, because English should become a part of your life that you love too! Making English a part of your life, and making your learn fluent English experience something you look forward to doing every day, is going to help you learn a lot faster. It will also be more fun!

Learn fluent English can be a frustrating task – we’ve been there too! – so we understand your frustration. Our goal is to teach you these practical, usable strategies that really work and that help you accomplish YOUR goal of becoming fluent in English. If you’d like to learn more, take a look at Gabby’s video below!

Sound like a Native: How to Pronounce Diphthongs

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