Got to Know – Understand a Common Phrasal Verb in American English

thoughtful-788284_1280How did you get to know about Go Natural English? No matter how you learned of it, it is a great place to improve your English language fluency. “Got to know” is one of those phrases that does not necessarily translate word-for-word but is often used to express how someone learned of something or somebody.


You will often hear people say, “I got to know about the American sport of baseball when I was living in the United States.” You could hear phrases such as, “I got to know Kenji very well while living and studying in Osaka, Japan.” “Got to know” is such a versatile phrase and one that you should try to use in conversational English.


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Episode transcript below:


Hey! What’s up?

Welcome to Go Natural English.

I have a quick English tip for you.

The phrase is, “I got to know.”

What does this mean?

Well, in American English, “I got to know” means that you know something over time.

So, for example, “I’m getting to know some new friends.”

That’s the present progressive, but I could say it in the past, “I got to know some new friends” in let’s see, what city I could say, “I got to know some new friends in Bangkok.”

I was recently in Bangkok for just about a week, so, I got to know some new friends.

It’s not correct to say, “I knew some new friends.”

You have to say, “I got to know.”

This is just a really common phrase, so it’s really useful.

I encourage you to use it and also to recognize it when you’re listening to native English speakers.

So, I hope that you learned something new – that you got to know more about English through this video tip, and if you’d like to learn more about how to learn English the Go Natural English way, then come to where you can get a free eBook just for visiting, and learn more about the premium Go Natural English course that has tons more help, support, and practice for you on your English language learning journey.

Thanks so much for watching and I’ll see you again real soon.

Bye for now.


Photo credits: imageneserik and Ramdlon

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