The Go Natural English Fluency Challenge is a special 30-day event that happens just a few times a year when we open registration to our complete English course, Fluent Communication. It brings together our course members from all over the world. The cost is included in our premium course membership and it is the perfect way to start your studies!

To join the next Challenge, you need to join our complete English course. How? Pre-register to learn more here:

The daily speaking questions are not typical, traditional English class questions. Rather, they make you think about life, learning, what motivates you, what challenges you, and more.

Each day, each participant should post a video response with their own answer to the question of the day. There is no wrong answer. The important thing is to participate. Participation isn’t only about posting your answer, but also means supporting and encouraging others in the group.

By the end of the Fluency Challenge, the goal is to overcome your fear of speaking English and improve by practicing, giving and getting feedback.

You’ll learn:

  1. Daily recording improves your speaking
  2. The Challenge can improve writing and speaking skills
  3. There’s no perfect time for learning English, so it’s ok to be imperfect
  4. Making mistakes can be good and lead to improvement
  5. It’s not crazy to speak English by yourself or record yourself
  6. You don’t need 1:1 tutoring to improve your English skills
  7. You don’t need to live abroad to improve english
  8. The biggest challenge for you may be to overcome your fear of speaking or “inner critic”

Members in the group often share incredible and interesting stories about their lives. This makes the group an amazing experience for all. The more open you are, and even the more mistakes you make, the more you learn during our Challenge.

The more you participate during the Challenge, the more you’ll feel comfortable speaking English. We forget that we’re learning and improving because we’re using English as a tool to connect and communicate.

“These days gave me a boost in my confidence and it has helped me to realize that I am in the right path to succeed in this journey. So I am so grateful for that, for all your comments, all your good vibes and energy. So keep going, keep up the good work! I’m sure we all are going to succeed and we all are going to achieve our goals. I can’t wait for the next opportunity to take a challenge like this with all of you!”​​​​ — Paula, a Fluency Challenge participant

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Have you taken English classes before in a traditional classroom setting? Maybe in high school, in college, or in a private language school? In a traditional classroom, the teacher is usually the person speaking for most of the class. Learn to speak English by speaking English during our Challenge! You’ll do more talking than in most English classrooms, and you’ll meet “classmates” from all over the world! The Challenge is for adults from any country. There is no minimum level required as long as you use English only.


Go Natural English’s Fluency Challenge consists of 30 days of daily posts within a positive and supportive community for self-development and, specifically, improving English.


Our Challenge takes place in our member’s Facebook group. For that reason, it is necessary to have a Facebook account to participate.

“I would like to thank the GNE Team for this opportunity. We were able to interact with people; to get over our difficulties, our fears, our barriers. Reflecting on this week, and when I decided to participate in this Challenge, I thought maybe I could participate. Then, I thought maybe I won’t have time to participate every single day, or maybe I wouldn’t be willing to do what they were asking. Then, I thought, why not? I’ll give it a try. I made my first video, it was not easy. I don’t feel comfortable making videos. But then I felt immersed in the group, and part of the group. Then the second video came, and I felt more involved. Then the third, and it was fantastic. I could see people from all over the world, from different backgrounds, from different experiences, different ages. But, there is something in common: English. English links everybody in this group.” — Luiz,  a Fluency Challenge participant


How will you get the most out of it? How will you benefit most? You need to post videos! Don’t be a lurker; get out of your comfort zone, break that shell, and learn with us! Come on over and join the fun! 😃

You can easily post videos right from your smartphone, tablet, or computer in three simple steps:

  • Check the day’s assignments
  • Record a video (preferably with your smartphone — it’s the easiest way!)
  • Upload your video to the group as a ‘post’

If you’ve never recorded or posted a video before, don’t worry! For many people, it is their first time. We can help each other to try new things and face our fears!

“Once I started participating in this group, I lost my shyness, which is something positive for me. I just wanted to express that my experience in this Challenge was really great. I’ve got a lot of benefits from it. One of the most important benefits I got from it is that I started to be a committed student. What does that mean? It means that, once I had any homework, I prepared them, and I started to feel, as a person, that I have a sense of responsibility, which is something very important to have as a student.” — Zeenah, a Fluency Challenge participant


The goal of the Fluency Challenge is to challenge yourself! 😄 Many participants feel hesitant or shy at first, but once you participate in the daily challenges, you will see for yourself what the power of a supportive community can do for you. Your motivation, your confidence, and your fluency will all improve!

You can expect to record daily videos, between 30-60 seconds in length, and share them within the group. Every day, you will answer questions like:

  • Why are you learning English?
  • How will English fluency improve your life?
  • What challenges in your life have stopped you from achieving your fluency goals until now?

The daily recordings will help improve your speaking skills, and other assignments will help improve your writing skills. Even if you’re usually afraid of making mistakes, you can put that fear aside, and really challenge yourself to rise above it! We believe that making mistakes is one of the best ways to learn. We know that it can feel strange to speak English by yourself or record yourself. The biggest challenge for many participants is to overcome their inner critic or fear of speaking.  But we know that it will be clear after participating in this Challenge that 1:1 tutoring isn’t the only way to improve your English!


A textbook isn’t alive, it isn’t your friend, and it isn’t motivating! The Fluency Challenge is a great option to stay motivated while you learn English because it comes with the power of community and accountability. When you learn with others you have the benefit of real communication, real meaning, and real connections with real people.

And all of this in an environment where you can work at your own pace, comfortably!

“For me, this Challenge was amazing because now I can feel more confident when I’m speaking. I learned very much, and I can see the motivation, and the desire to reach goals. That is great! Because all our energies are in the same group. That is good, because it’s a sign that we’re on the right path. So, thank you!” — Dayana, a Fluency Challenge participant


This is a great way to see your own mistakes and, even better, get feedback in our exclusive Fluency Challenge group. Using video as a learning tool allows you the time to think and prepare your answers, and they also allow you to practice at your own paceanytime, anywhere!

Unlike a one-on-one live video lesson where you have to think and answer in the moment and receive feedback from only one person, using recorded videos in our groups allows you learn at your own pace and receive feedback from an entire community of teachers and other English learners.

It’s an empowering feeling to have a supportive group of people on your side that are excited about your success!

“My experience in this group was amazing. In my first video, I was very nervous, my mind went blank, I almost forgot my vocabulary! In my other English classes, we are just six students. So, this was my first time speaking to more than six people. But, I feel more confident making videos. I really enjoyed these challenges, and I would like to do them again.” — Adrian, a Fluency Challenge participant


There’s no perfect time for learning English! The right time for YOU is when YOU say it is.

By the end of your Challenge, the results will be clear. Participants overcome their fear of speaking English in front of others, and the unique connection between participants — from so many different countries, all over the world — is what really makes the Fluency Challenge a special experience!

“I just want to thank all of you, you’re just amazing, and Miss Gabby you’re amazing. My experience in this Challenge was amazing… It’s perfect, I think. This experience was so good. You people were the best. I just can’t thank you enough for your comments, for your support, your desire to keep moving forward, to correct mistakes, and I just want to thank you, that’s all. I hope I see you again. Thank you. ” — Islam, a Fluency Challenge participant

We can’t wait to be a part of YOUR

English-learning journey!