At Go Natural English, we want to learn English to fit seamlessly into your busy life, and we want it to be fun! By learning English online, you are giving yourself the freedom to learn anywhere, at any time, with the ability to build a learning schedule that is right for YOU.

We live in the age of the Internet! How many of us have used it to improve our lives in one way or another? Whether it be shopping online, meeting new people, or using an online map to get from point A to point B, our access to the Internet is an essential part of our modern lives. So, why not use it to learn a language? 😍

When I learn online with Go Natural English, am I on my own?

No! When you choose to learn with us, we want you to know that we’ve got your back! Our lessons and courses are designed with your freedom in mind, and we give you the flexibility to learn on your own schedule. But we never want you to feel stressed or anxious, or that you’re alone in your fluency journey. So, we have a dedicated team of teachers and support staff ready to help you when you need it.

We’re here to keep you motivated in your progress! You will also have access to our community groups, where you can interact and learn with other English learners.


I’m quite impressed by your dedication to us. I say this because, as a learner, I really appreciate this, and as a person that is studying to be a teacher one day, it’s necessary. I know that it takes a lot of time to prepare the lessons, to pay attention to every student, and I really appreciate your attention. With a course like this, you feel that you have people there to help you. I really appreciate that. And, when you have someone that answers you and gives you tips, it keeps you motivated. Right now, I can apply for positions that would have been impossible a few years ago!

                                                                                 — Isabel, a GNE student from Spain

What are some of the ways that make learning with Go Natural English fun?

When you choose to learn with us, you will be joining an amazing community of people from all around the world. We are all united by one main thing: our love of the English language! And whether you’re trying out our lessons for the first time, or you’ve signed up for our full course with access to our members-only group, there are people on the other side of your screen who are eager to learn with you.

When you see how others are motivated to learn, and they are passionate about their goals, it’s easy to feel the same way!

The way people are posting videos are very important. This is a new experience..this is my first time to do it right now with Go Natural English. This is how you improve what you learn, posting videos and get in touch with classmates. It is very motivating and helpful, I also like it. Tests help fill the gaps…very important to recognize and know what you have learned and to understand the difficulties you are facing. I like the possibilities to listen, listen to the pronunciation, to see the transcript papers, it is helpful. You can listen and have the transcript papers in front of you, it is helpful for learning.

                                                                        — Abakar, a GNE student from Chad

How will I make English a part of my everyday life?

Your motivation is key to your learning success, and we want to help make sure you have everything you need to achieve your goals. Our lessons teach you how to speak English like a native speaker, and they are designed to show you how to apply what you learn in the real world.

We also want to teach you how to incorporate English into your existing routines in your everyday life, and how to create new routines to maximize your learning.

Learning with us is flexible to your needs, and it’s because of this that you’re able to make your English fluency a natural part of your life.


Learning English with Go Natural English has changed my life, because it has changed my routine. I have different goals now, because of the GNE course. So, my mind, my soul, are happier. And this is a great thing for me. When I watch a movie, or something else in English, I now understand much more than before. I can see the difference, and I feel good.

                                        — Teresa, a GNE student from Chile



I knew Gabby from YouTube, and I listened to a lot of videos, and I appreciated the explanation and the different takes. It was, for me, a kind of daily routine to build my mindset, to enhance my English, and how to type, how to use English in daily conversation, and when I meet people who speak English. — Jean-Bernard, a GNE student from France


How will I be able to stay motivated while learning online?

We understand that learning anything online might be a new concept for a lot of people. We’re so used to thinking about schools and classrooms and textbooks when we think of learning anything, including languages. If you have visions of eternal grammar charts and hundreds of vocabulary flash cards spinning in your mind, don’t stress! You won’t get any of that here.

Instead, we challenge you to take ownership of your learning experience and find the ways that work best for YOU. And we’re here to support you every step of the way! Learning a new language should be a fun and exciting challenge, and not one that is stressful or fear-driven.

Once you’ve decided to learn English, and the goals you want to achieve are clear, your path to fluency will be paved with the positive energy you bring to this journey!

Because we believe that motivation is key to your success, we encourage you to reach out to us and to other GNE community members and share your experiences. Be proactive and find materials that will increase your interest in learning English. Use the knowledge you already have to build up your fluency, step by step. Be patient with yourself, don’t get frustrated, and take the time to understand how you learn best.

You are your best source of motivation, and only you can take control of your learning!

GiorgosI believe that the material on your site is very good for someone to learn English quickly. I’m happy because the Go Natural English team tries so hard to help us, and I really appreciate it. I believe in myself now. In the past, I didn’t believe in myself, and it’s very important to believe in yourself.

                              — Giorgos, a GNE student from Greece 


Why would the Go Natural English course be a good fit for me?

If you’re committed to learning English, and you’re ready to take the next step, our Fluent Communication 2.0 course is the easy choice. We created this course to fit easily into your busy life. It’s designed by real people who speak real, American English, and it’s perfect if you want to speak English in the real world. An outdated textbook won’t teach you that!

Our course also comes with the benefit of community, and you’ll be able to share your entire fluency journey with hundreds of people with goals just like yours. This type of support is essential to your learning process, because it gives you the perfect sounding board to practice with. Our members-only community is a judgement-free zone where you can feel comfortable sharing your experiences, and feel encouraged to improve your language skills, all while receiving feedback from our team and your peers.

We’ve created lessons and modules that are perfect for intermediate learners.

The content and materials in our course will help you grow your fluency to the next level without overwhelming you or going at too fast of a pace.

Kaoli,I decided to be a part of the course because I noticed that it has all the information I needed to continue developing my English. You offer me so many different things. I don’t want to speak with basic vocabulary, like other people do. You offer me more options to develop my English. That’s why I feel more confident. I learned new vocabulary and phrases during the course, and I will continue learning things, because there are a lot of great materials to choose from. You also have a lot of great guidelines. I don’t like being told how to say something. Instead, I like how you explain to me how to do it. That’s the way that I learn.

                                           — Kaoli, a GNE student from the Dominican Republic

Michel,I think the amount of course materials provided is just right. It depends on each student’s level, but it’s good for me. Sometimes I go fast, and sometimes I take more time. The lessons and materials in the Fluent Communication course are also just right. They’re not difficult; they’re just right. You have to take time to listen, to try to understand, and sometimes it takes more. But, it’s good!

                                                                — Michel, a GNE student from Martinique 

How is learning online better than learning in a traditional classroom?

We talk about this often! Traditional teaching methods in traditional classroom settings don’t work! Learning a new language, especially when you’re learning it for modern usage, should come with modern teaching methods and the opportunity for real-life application. If you’re stuck in a classroom where you’re expected to just memorize charts of grammar and vocabulary, digest a huge, outdated textbook, and live in fear of being called on in class, you’re not in the correct mindset for successful learning. You should feel at ease, comfortable, and excited to learn. The energy around you should be positive, and the materials you use to learn should be accessible and usable in your everyday life.

By learning online, you immediately remove some of the main stressors of learning in a classroom, and you are able to tailor your learning experience to custom-fit your own life and needs.

LeilaI used to follow Gabby on YouTube, and I watched a lot of her videos. I really like her methodology. But I never thought that, one day, I could be her student. One day, I received one of her emails to join the course, and I said, ‘I need to do that!’, because I like the way she teaches. It’s easy, it’s clear, it’s American English — everybody speaks American English! — and Gabby is modern, not an old teacher with traditional ways of teaching. You teach interesting things that help us in everyday life. Before I took English classes online, I used to go to a school, twice a week. So I used to go there, sit at a table, listen to a teacher speaker, and I didn’t answer anything, just sat there. So, it was very boring. When I started learning online, I can study on my own time, I can do things in my own way, on my own time. And now I prefer studying online than going to a regular school. It has improved my life 360%!

                                                                                   — Leila, a GNE student in Ireland

How will Go Natural English help me in my everyday life?

When you learn English with us, we want to equip you with the confidence to go out and use your fluency in any situation! Our goal is for you to speak with certainty, to challenge yourself to learn more and improve every day, and to apply what you learn in your daily routines. We also hope it will help you achieve the other goals you have set for yourself in your life, whether they be for personal growth, for your career, for travel opportunities, for a degree or a field of study you’re interested in, or simply for your own enjoyment and enrichment.

English fluency will open many doors that you might not have dared to open before!


I will be traveling to an English-speaking country in a few months, and I think the course will help me a lot!

                           — Michel, a GNE student from Martinique




Jean-BernardI feel more confident. I’m an active, retired man, and I’m always proactive. I need a new challenge every year. This is the way to have a good life, an interesting life, and I think that learning a new language like English boosts your brain power. This is a way to acquire a new abilities, new skills, and different things. It’s very important. In addition, I’ll say that this is the best way to meet new people; to communicate, to exchange, to learn a new culture. Today, the Internet provides a lot of things to discuss, to debate, even face-to-face.

                                                       — Jean-Bernard, a GNE student from France