How to Improve English Listening Skills with Music

Why does it so often seem like English makes no sense? The words don’t always sound like they look. English has words where the letters sometimes aren’t pronounced. Words sometimes don’t contain letters that are pronounced. It can be very confusing and hard to figure out.   In this lesson,

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About How to Use the Word Though in American English

  The uses of the word “though” in the English language are many. Even the pronunciation can be troublesome because the “ough” sound in English can be said in a variety of different ways depending on the word through American English   In this Go Natural English episode, Gabby explains

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7 Expert Tips for Native Fluency – Learn American English

When developing fluency in a language, there are no guarantees in life, but there are techniques designed to help improve your conversational skills and move you closer to your goal of American English fluency. In this lesson, Gabby introduces six online superstar English experts with tips that have helped her

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