American English Pronunciation

How to Speak English Fast with Advanced Grammar

  How can you speak English faster and more natural? You’ve probably heard English native speakers using contractions and connected speech with modal verbs like “woulda”, “coulda”, and “shoulda”. Taking words and kind of smashing them together is really common,

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English Listening

Improve Your Listening and Speaking Skills

As an English learner, you want to improve your listening and speaking skills. You’re in the right place! Listening skills are important for comprehension and speaking skills help you communicate with the world. How to Improve Your Listening and Speaking

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Best Tricks of Google Translate

You may have heard people say not to use Google Translate, or any machine translator, to learn English. And it’s true that when you use it for direct translation it may not be totally accurate. But wait! Google Translate has

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Go Natural English Blog

How to Study English During Lockdown

        Most of the world, including the United States, has been under lockdown for several months. Some lockdowns are more strict than others, depending on the location and the kind of work that still needs to be

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50 English Phrases for Medical Professionals

Are you a healthcare professional with patients whose first language is English? Or maybe you’d like to work in an English-speaking country? There’s no doubt that learning medical English will help you communicate with your patients and do your job

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Go Natural English Blog

Think in English with Easy Everyday Activities

  Stop translating in your head and think in English. It’s easy when you live through English, doing your everyday activities with an English-learning mindset.   Why is it difficult to think in English? Probably it’s because you didn’t learn

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fluent communications

Fluent Communications

Get everything you need for true, advanced English fluency and confidence in your speaking skills.

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The English Fluency Formula Audio Ebook

The best Go Natural English tips are in this audio eBook. This is the best resource for intermediate English learners to improve their communication skills quickly.

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