Inspiring Advice for Women Learning English

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Influential Female English Teachers share their tips for international women

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we have tips from the most inspiring women teaching English as a Second Language online. Through their social media, YouTube channels, online courses, and tutoring, their combined efforts are helping approximately 9 million women from all over the world learn English!

These 9 inspiring and experienced female teachers have some specific tips for female English learners to help them improve their English fluency even more.

English fluency presents a powerful way for international women to communicate and share their voice with the world, and these female teachers are proud to be part of their students’ success.

An article in The Washington Post reported that recently women in several countries have been performing better than men in learning English. Way to go, women!

Tips for Women Learning English

Anna from English like a Native

Have fun. Learning a language is a lot easier when you are having a good time. Find ways to enjoy your studies, incorporate movies, music, interaction with friends, etc. Our memory is a lot more effective when we are relaxed in learning.

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Hadar from Accent’s Way

Start speaking before you are ready. Women tend to be more perfectionists and highly judgmental of themselves. They often wait until the sentence is complete in their heads before speaking, but then it’s usually too late, and they end up not speaking at all.  Since men mostly dominate many industries making it more challenging for women to speak up and voice their opinions in ANY LANGUAGE, you have to make sure English is not yet another obstacle that keeps you from letting your voice be heard.

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Shayna from Espresso English

Many women learning English lack confidence – they tell me “Sorry for my bad English” or “I’m making lots of mistakes.” and I want to tell you that your English is probably BETTER than you imagine! Don’t compare yourself to native speakers or focus on your flaws. Instead, celebrate the fact that you can communicate successfully (even if it’s not perfect yet). This positive mindset will help you speak more confidently.

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Christina Rebuffet from Speak English with Christina

If you feel afraid or shy, empower yourself to overcome these feelings. Maybe that means preparing before you speak, or telling yourself in your head “My opinions are valid, even if I don’t express them in perfect English.” Maybe it means studying a particular aspect of English you struggle with, so you feel more confident about it in the future. Maybe it means finding a conversation partner you feel totally comfortable with. Never let fear prevent you from moving forward. Fear can be a powerful motivator, to push you outside your comfort zone and grow, as a language learner, and as a woman. 

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Halima from Blackboard English

Speak fearlessly and imperfectly—It leads to confidence and fluency.

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Rachel from Rachel’s English

Practice speaking as much as you possibly can, even if there’s no one to hear you.

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Gabby from Go Natural English

I’ve noticed sometimes women feel more insecure about their English than men. If you don’t feel confident speaking English yet, put your “acting hat” on! Imagine how your favorite fluent English speaking movie star, politician, public speaker, comedian or media personality would speak and pretend you are acting like that person. Get inspired by them and become a little bit like them when you speak. 

My favorite powerful female speakers to  follow are Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama and Mel Robbins.

Emma from MmmEnglish

When you hear yourself speaking negatively about your English… “My English is bad. I’m not making progress. I don’t have anyone to speak with. I’m too shy to speak. I will never get an IELTS 8.” 

Stop yourself.

I challenge you to think differently about your situation. Perhaps what you are currently doing is not working and you simply need to find an alternative. So shake things up a little! Try something new.

If you tell yourself that you are useless or unable and you’ll be stuck there, telling yourself you can’t. Tell yourself that you are remarkable and you will find a way to solve your problem. 

Your only limit is your own mind!

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Vanessa from Speak English with Vanessa

Sometimes we, as women, have a hard time believing in ourselves. We often doubt, “Can I really do it? Can I succeed?” Audrey Hepburn (the classic American actress) said, “Nothing is impossible. The word itself says, ‘I’m possible.” It’s true! Your goal of learning English is possible. Believe in yourself, be disciplined, and success will follow.

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The advice here is especially for international women, but of course it is also helpful for men learning English too!

What advice do you have for learning English as a woman? Tell us in the comments below!

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