7 Career Benefits of Speaking English

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Speaking English is key!


Who doesn’t want to be bilingual, trilingual, or a polyglot?? Being able to communicate in more than one language is a great advantage.


If you are reading this, you may be on your way to become bilingual or you even trilingual. Whether you live in the US or not, being able to speak English can open up many career opportunities. In the following I will share my top 7 career benefits of speaking English. 


7 Career Benefits of Speaking English


1. It makes you more employable:

Being able to speak English will help you get jobs outside of your home country if you are not already in the US or an English speaking country. Your job market will broaden and your resume will stand out to recruiters. Most immigrants who come to the US and don’t speak English yet are stuck with low paying jobs. 


2. Networking will become easier:

If you are already working a job surrounded by English speakers but you are not ready or comfortable speaking with them yet, then you are missing out on networking opportunities. Being able to speak English will allow you to build relationships with those around you that will hep you career.


3. Promotion opportunities at work:

 If your boss notices that your English proficiency is improving, you may be eligible for advancements in your company. Seeing that you are able to communicate better, you may be able to manage a team and communicate with them effectively. 


4. Traveling will become easier:

anytime you go to an airport, the second language besides the local one will always English. If you want a job in the travel and tourism industries or your company requires traveling, being able to speak the universal language will allow you to go to any part of the world. It will not only help you communicate with more people, but it will help you understand other cultures. 


5. It boosts your brain power:

it has been shown that those who are able to speak more than one language think differently. They are better at remembering things, think more critically, think outside of one’s perspective, and greater ability to focus. Being bilingual opens your mind to other cultures and it helps view the world in a more open way, thus increasing your brain power for knowledge. 


6. Personal growth:

Speaking English helps you build your confidence which is a great way to advance your career. Having confidence in yourself because you are able to speak English helps showcase your skills. This can help you grow in any career of your choice.


7. Earn more money!

The return on investment from speaking English or a second language is undoubtedly worth the time and effort you spent studying and practicing. Higher paying jobs are more widely available to you if you speak English while also being able to speak your native language.


As a bilingual, I am living proof that I am able to advance in any career of my choice. If you are wanting to learn a second language, make sure English is your top priority.


I am sure if you are reading this, you have a good enough level of English to help you get started on a better career. And for that I congratulate you!


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