30 Slang Words Related to Food and Drink

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  1. Grub: food
  2. Noms: food
  3. Chow: food
  4. Eats: food
  5. Munchies: snacks
  6. Nosh: snacks
  7. Grubbies: snacks
  8. Noshes: snacks
  9. Chow time: mealtime
  10. Grub crawl: going out to eat at multiple restaurants
  11. Booze: alcohol
  12. Sauce: alcohol
  13. Juice: alcohol
  14. Hootch: alcohol
  15. Brew: beer
  16. Cold ones: beer
  17. Booze cruise: going out drinking on a boat
  18. Sip: drink
  19. Gulp: drink
  20. Chug: drink
  21. Swig: drink
  22. Guzzle: drink
  23. Quench: drink
  24. Thirsty: wanting a drink
  25. Parched: very thirsty
  26. Buzzed: slightly drunk
  27. Tipsy: slightly drunk
  28. Sloshed: very drunk
  29. Wasted: very drunk
  30. Hammered: very drunk
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