3 Ways to End a Conversation Like a Native

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“Well, it was really nice talking to you.”
“So, let’s talk again soon.”
“I’m sorry, but I have to run.”

Knowing How to End a Conversation Naturally

Ending a conversation is a really important skill to have so you can communicate naturally. Use these 3 phrases to end a conversation like a native – very easily and naturally.
Let’s look at the first sentence. It’s important to use a transition word, like “well.”

“Well, it was really nice talking to you.”

Adding the word “really” shows some enthusiasm. Another option would be:

“It was so nice talking with you.”

Repeat these sentences with me:

“Well, it was really nice talking to you.”
“Well, It was so nice talking to you.”

Use Transition Words Interchangeably

Let’s talk about the second sentence. “So” and “well” are interchangeable.

“So, let’s talk again soon.”

Try to be enthusiastic and sincere when you save it so you can leave the communication open. You are showing interest in talking to the person again.

Here’s the last sentence:

“Sorry, I have to run.”

You could also say, “Well, I have to run,” or “So, I have to run.”

Try Combining Two or More Ending Phrases

With these 3 ways to end a conversation, you can use one of these phrases, two of these phrases, or all of these phrases together. You might go back and forth with the person you’re talking to to end the conversation. Here’s a sample conversation:

You: “Well, it was really nice talking to you.”
Person: “It was nice talking to you, too.”
You: “So, let’s talk again soon.”
Person:  “Yeah, I’d love to.”
You: “Sorry, I have to run.”
Person: “No problem, talk to you later.”

If you use these 3 phrases to end a conversation, it will be natural with no awkwardness. Let’s review these sentences one more time:

“Well, it was really nice talking to you.”
“So, let’s talk again soon.”
“Sorry, I have to run.”

Now that you know how to end a conversation, check out this post for ways to start a new conversation!

Thanks for watching! Do you know more ways to end a conversation in English? Share them in the comments below! It was really nice connecting with you today. Hope to see you again soon!

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