Do you want to understand Native English Speaker conversations 100%?

Tired of NOT understanding what native English speakers say?

Listening is totally different than reading!

In a traditional English classroom, you spent most of your time reading textbooks and listening to lectures from your teacher. You may have done very well in your English class. However, when you go out into the real world, it's very difficult to understand all native speakers in natural situations... or movies without subtitles... or telephone conversations!

99% of native English speakers do not sound like your textbook or your teacher! If you're ready to improve your listening skills, let me show you how.

Understand why and how

It's important to understand why listening is different than reading. Learn why native English speakers can be so difficult to understand and how you can approach listening with more confidence.

Learn the linguistics behind listening skills and you'll understand the secrets to fluency

Understand the English language more deeply. Do you know about stress, linking, chunking, intonation, patterns, context, translation, collocations... and how understanding them will improve your listening skills?

If you want to know more, keep reading!

Practicing listening is not enough to learn listening!

IF a normal English class teaches you listening skills, most of the time your teacher will tell you "just listen" to practice. How are you going to learn how to listen simply by listening? It is possible, but it is confusing, frustrating, and takes a long, long time.

Instead, learn by understanding more about the language. 

One of my students had a difficult time understanding spoken English on the telephone. He was a musician. One day in class, I had the idea to relate how English is similar to music. There is a beat, stress, tone, etc. When we made that connection, suddenly it all made sense! From that day forward, this student's listening skills improved rapidly. Sometimes it just takes the right, clear, easy to understand explanation.​

 ​If you are having difficulty with listening and understanding English -- it's not your fault! Sometimes you just need to learn in a different way. 

English has a beat, stress and a tone. Sounds change and evolve when put together -- like music!

Listening to Native English Speakers

  • First, understand the unique sounds of English and how they change
    What are the sounds that are different from your native language? We speak with sounds. But rarely do we use individual sounds to communicate! Sounds are put together into words, and words into phrases... and sometimes this changes the sounds!
  • Understand conversation and cultural context
    When you understand how people communicate, you can become more confident in your understanding.
  • There's more to listening skills than "just practice"
    Soon you can be enjoying English instead of struggling with it. 

Improve your English with  the 17 Secrets to Native English Listening Skills right now ...

When my English learners ask me how to improve their listening skills, I have a lot to say. I love helping you with the sounds of the language! 

This course is an important step in your journey to English fluency: listening skills are essential to your success in English. Unfortunately, many textbooks and teachers skip over how to approach listening. Instead, they simply say "practice more." Practice is good, but there's a better way.

Self-study your way to better English listening skills

I recommend that you first learn how to improve your listening skills before you jump into native conversations. Go step-by-step and you'll build your confidence and feel ready for fast, exciting talk.

If you prepare yourself through self-study first, you will be able to take better advantage of all conversations, lessons, and experiences where you need to understand spoken English.​

Listening is the base for better conversations and improve English fluency, whether you are preparing for a test or for real life!

If you're ready to stop struggling with NATIVE ENGLISH conversations

Here it is: The 17 Secrets to Native English Listening Skills

If you need to prepare for any native English listening situation -- English listening tests, movies without subtitles, TV shows, interviews, natural conversations, telephone calls, meetings -- this is for you!

This is an online, self-study course available to you now -- no waiting for specific course dates! It's all up to you and how fast (or slow) you want to learn. It's not too long and not too short, practical and easy to understand.

  1.  Get your password for our premium members site by email:  when you buy this course, you can log in and study anytime. You also have access to our premium members Facebook group to ask questions and meet good people to practice with.
  2.  Watch the 17 lessons and try the bonus practice: Each lesson is short and practical so you always feel excited learning and ready to learn more. Lessons can be streamed from any internet-connected device and downloaded to your computer.
  3.  A big step forward for fluency: finishing this course means you will be able to understand native English speakers better. Depending on your situation, that could mean a higher test score, a better job, and a fuller life with English fluency!

How it works

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Learn by listening to and practicing with your native speaker teacher in the course videos.

Get a deeper understanding of the English language that will help you with every future conversation.

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John Doe UI/UX Designer

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About your English teacher

When you take a Go Natural English course, you get the #1 English fluency coach, Gabby. She is one of the most popular and loved English teachers in the world. Students love how she explains lessons clearly, and shares helpful tips that you won't find in traditional classroom textbooks!

Gabby is a native English speaker from North America. She has a Masters Degree in Teaching English as a Second Language and has over 15 years of language teaching experience. She also speaks Spanish and Portuguese fluently and some Japanese and French!

Sample: Welcome to the 17 Secrets Course 

You are welcome to watch this sample introduction video directly from the course. 

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You can improve your listening skills on your own for free, but... you should know it may difficult to know what you don't know, to find the right materials, and to follow an organized course made especially for you by an expert English teacher.

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Who is this course best for?

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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