How to Improve your English Fluency

With The 100 Most Common Phrases in American English Audio Ebook

Did you learn English in the classroom, but struggle to understand native conversations in real life?

You need our audio ebook phrase guide, including the 100 most common phrases you’ll hear in everyday life!

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How will you benefit from our Audio Ebook?

✅ Improve your listening skills by listening to the mp3 file.

✅ You can listen and read on any device like a smartphone, laptop, ebook, or even print it out!

✅ Improve your English reading skills by reading the ebook.

✅ Improve your exposure to and understanding of English by listening to native phrases.


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Is this Ebook right for you?

This ebook is intended for an intermediate to advanced English learner who is able to listen to and read the text. The reader should also be prepared to do some research about what the phrases mean and understanding through context.

This ebook is not for beginners, and it is not a textbook. It simply gives English learners like yourself more exposure to native phrases through 24 short conversations between native speakers in 24 different common everyday situations.

Although this ebook points out the most common phrases in English, it’s up to the reader to listen, read, and copy those phrases and understand how they are used in the conversation.


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-This is a short ebook with audio that shows you 24 short conversations with the most commonly used English phrases.

-This is not a textbook or workbook.

-How to use the ebook: You need to listen, read, and repeat it a few times. Try to use the phrases on your own by saying them out loud or create your own conversations. Finally, try to use these phrases in your everyday life in order to truly improve your conversation skills.


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Using these 100 most common phrases will help you in 80% of the situations you will encounter in English so you will be better prepared!

Now on sale for just $5 USD


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Now on sale for just $5 USD