Hey, hello how’s it going awesome Go Natural English learners? I’m your English teacher Gabby here for a special first question and answer live video here on YouTube. I’m just going to check to make sure that our sound and audio video are good. I can’t talk and check at the same time. I get confused.

I’m just checking on my phone. If you can see me and hear me then and say hello. Great everything looks good so let’s get started!

I’m so excited to do something new and different today, our question-and-answer live video. I decided to do this because I got a comment on YouTube from a viewer who felt bad that I was not responding to his comments and I felt really bad because I’m here to help as many English learners as I can. Now you know there’s a lot of people in our amazing Go Natural English community and I try to answer all the comments, but sometimes it’s impossible because there’s so many. And it’s just hard to answer all of them one by one.

So I thought what can we do to help more? Why don’t we do a live question and answer video so that I can answer questions one by one?

Today’s question is really great. This is a question from a student named Yen. I’m actually going to share it with you on my screen. So you should be able to see my screen. So her question is she wrote me this email. This is exactly what she wrote.

Just have been studying with you for a couple months but I feel engaged a lot with what you teach. I also bought the English Power Pack. I’m so glad to say that I feel more powerful now about my English.Thank you for everything you did Gabby. One last thing I want to ask you is I like to write in English. Do you think it’s a good idea to translate what I’m interested in my language to English? I know I shouldn’t translate too much while learning english so I would like to hear your thoughts about that. Thank You Gabby appreciate it.

So I think that is a good question. So I wanted to make it our first question today. If you would like to know the answer to this question then type yes in the comments and I’m going to answer it.

I’m actually going to do an answer first and then I’m going to ask you a question. So please stay until the end.

I’m going to make this video and our other Q&A question-and-answer live videos as short as possible. You know sometimes I do live lessons. Like today I did a live free lesson and it was long. It was an hour long but I want to keep this really short.

Before I forget I want to say a big thank you to all of the Go Natural English YouTube channel subscribers. We have just passed 260 thousand subscribers. I am delighted that we are growing and that I can help more English learners like you. You are awesome. So if you subscribe, thank you. If you haven’t subscribed, then what are you waiting for? Click on that big red subscribe button and join us.

You know I’ve been thinking about doing something like this a live Q&A for a long time, but I got kind of shy. I started thinking, well you know I’d like to do it but sometimes I don’t feel like I am ready or I don’t look very good today. I’m, you know, my hair is messy. I don’t have makeup on. I’m just wearing a t-shirt and I started to think these things. I get worried, what will people think. What are they going to say in the comments. But then I reminded myself I’m not a beauty and make up YouTube channel and I don’t think I would be a very good one. I am an English teaching channel.

Go Natural English is here to help you with your English fluency not your beauty. So you know, sorry not sorry if I show up to help you in our live video every day and don’t look like a model. But you know what we’re gonna do it anyway because I’m here to help you with your English. So I see a lot of yeses in the comments so that means that you would like to know the answer to this question. Let me actually show you what I wrote and I’ll read it to you as well. So I’m going to share my screen again.

Okay great. So this is what I wrote to Yen. In speaking and writing I recommend not to translate from your native language to English. It may feel strange at first. This is the way we are taught to learn English. However this gives us bad habits. Your native language may have different structures, different idioms and different ways to express yourself than English. I strongly recommend learning phrases in English and constructing your writing all in English not translating.

It’s a good idea to read a lot so you can see how other people write in English. Got it?

So the short answer is: do not translate. I know it’s difficult because this is the way that we’re usually taught in the classroom is: word in English equals word in your native language. Sometimes that’s ok. But when you’re more advanced, when you’re writing, you have to learn English phrases the way that we use them, as native speakers.

So instead of trying to translate, try to read more. Try to listen more to native conversations and understand how we use phrases not by translating them but by seeing how we use them in the conversation, in a book, in an article.

You’re going to learn through the context and really try hard not to translate because it’s just different. Your native language has a different structure. It has different idioms. It has a different culture, a different feeling.

When you directly translate that gives us big problems with your communication. It makes your writing really unclear and if you’re in a class you’re going to get a lower grade if you translate all your words from your native language. And trust me if you use an online translator like Google translate for your whole essay trust me this is not a good idea. You do not want to do that. It’s better to write in your own voice. This means ideas from your own head.

Yes it’s difficult but you’re going to do a lot better if you do it this way. If you read a lot more, if you listen a lot more and if you use the structures, the phrases, the vocabulary from native English you process those through your own mind in English not using your native language and then use them again when you’re writing or speaking in your own way you’re going to be much more fluent in the end.

This is what we do in Go Natural English premium courses but I wanted to share my answer with you for this one specific question. I sent out an email about going live on YouTube so if you want to know the next time i’m going to be on YouTube live you should be on my email list.

It’s easy you can go to enter your name and your email address and I will send out a notification because i don’t know exactly what time of day I’m going to do this. I can’t really say right now that I’m going to do it at the same time every day because I’m traveling and different people like to do, you know, to do YouTube, I mean different people like to watch YouTube at different times of the day.

Let me just give a shout-out to people who are watching. This is awesome we have hundreds of viewers: Sriana, Amoul, Mr. Ows10, Adolfo, Elton, Jose or Jose Schweka, Isaac, Ibrahim.

Before I forget I want to ask you all a question. It’s a very simple question. Tell me in the comments:

Do you celebrate Christmas in your culture? In your religion? In your family? Do you celebrate Christmas? In North America where I’m from we celebrate Christmas, you know, more like most people. I guess the dominant culture celebrates Christmas but we have a very diverse society so some people don’t celebrate Christmas.

There’s other religions, other cultures that we’re proud to have in the US. My family is Catholic so we celebrate Christmas but it’s not a very big holiday for us. I mean it’s a big holiday for Americans in general and I will call my family and may be with my friends for Christmas which would be great but in my family in particular Christmas is not like a very very big holiday so it’s not a big problem if I’m not with my family. I know it sounds strange but that’s just something about me and my personal life. So thanks for understanding. Thanks for listening and yeah I wanted to know if you celebrate Christmas. I’m just curious i just want to know more about you.

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Okay thanks alright a shout-out to everyone who was watching. There’s hundreds and hundreds of comments so I can’t say everyone’s name but I am really excited to see you all. My goodness so many great comments! Awesome okay well keep commenting and I will check back for all your comments and I’ll see you again very soon for another question and answer. I’m gonna try to come back tomorrow alright have a great rest of your day.

Bye for now!