Hello wonderful Go Natural English learners! I’m Gabby your English teacher and founder of Go Natural English. And I’m here today on Christmas Day to wish you a very Merry Christmas. And I want to share some really useful phrases with you that you can use if you are celebrating Christmas with your American friends in the United States, or if you’re celebrating anywhere in the world. Or if you’re just curious about some new English phrases.

Useful English Phrases

I’m going to share about four or five very useful, practical, natural phrases. So if that is okay with you if I share those phrases then please type ‘yes’ in the comments. I’m so excited to share with you. Ah alright good I see some yeses already so I’m going to share some phrases with you based on things that I’ve been doing this holiday weekend.

American Christmas Activity: Christmas Lights

So yesterday on Christmas Eve or the night before Christmas we call it Christmas Eve I went with my friends to see Christmas lights. This is a common tradition that we do in the United States is putting Christmas lights on our houses or on trees or to decorate just about anything.

So if you see Christmas lights if you go with your friends or if you’re by yourself and you want to start a conversation with a stranger and this is a great comment to say. Are you ready?

You could say ‘look at the Christmas lights’ or ‘look they’re so beautiful’.  So try repeating as you hear me say these phrases because you’re going to learn more if you repeat after me. If you listen that’s great but if you actually say the phrases that’s even better. So yesterday I went to look at Christmas lights with my friends here in Texas. I’m in Texas to celebrate Christmas.

American English Christmas Greetings

Okay today is Christmas. So today everyone is saying Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and if you don’t expect to see your friends again for maybe a week or two you could say Happy New Year’s because we know in just a few days it’s going to be the new year. So I won’t tell you Happy New Year’s yet because I will see you again before New Year’s. Tomorrow.

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English Phrases for Christmas Parties

So also if you are invited to a Christmas party you might have presents. You might want to bring a present or you might get presents but you’ll probably know and if you’re not sure you can ask your hosts. Are we exchanging gifts? Are we exchanging presents? Should I bring a present? Or you could ask ‘should I bring a bottle of wine’? Or ‘should I bring a dessert’? Should I bring something? These are all different ways of asking what you can bring because it’s really polite if someone invites you to a party to ask what you can bring.

Ok let’s say that you’re opening gifts at a Christmas party. Someone might say ‘okay it’s time for gifts’. That means it’s time where everyone’s going to sit around probably in the living room and open gifts. So this can take some time. It’s really fun watching people open gifts and seeing their faces as they’re surprised hopefully as they’re happy so that’s really fun.

If you are at a party there’s probably going to be different kinds of beverages and it’s it’s traditional to have wine so you might want to ask, ‘could you pass the wine’? Or someone may ask you, ‘could you pass the wine?’ so this is a really great phrase to use.

Other American English Holiday Greetings

Also in the United States there’s a lot of people who celebrate Hanukkah so even at a Christmas party you might meet people who celebrate Hanukkah which is a Jewish holiday. Or if you’re out talking to your friends just out and about in public you might meet people who say to you Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays. Happy Holidays is a way to say everything. It doesn’t matter what religion you are so if you want to be careful and especially respectful and polite you could say Happy Holidays. It’s a really great way to cover everyone.

So those are some good phrases I think for Christmas and for the holidays. We talked about lights, we talked about if you go to a Christmas party, we practiced some phrases for greeting people saying Happy Holidays, we talked about could you please pass the wine, uh gifts, and I think that’s about it.

Of course you might have cookies or food or some desserts or sweets and you could say, ‘oh these are delicious’ to give your compliments to the chef. I talked about this in my Thanksgiving lesson if you saw that last month. My compliments to the chef. If your host has really nice decorations you can say, ‘I love your decorations’. Beautiful decorations.

So those are a lot of phrases that will help you this Christmas and this holiday season I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and I wanted to ask you a question as well.


In every one of my live lessons I like to ask you a question. So my question for you today please leave your answer in the comments is what time Oh first what city do you live in? What city do you live in and what time would you like to see our live English lessons? If I can do it at the same time every day I can’t promise right now because I’m traveling but I can see when most of you would like to see our live lesson and tried to do it then.

So tell me two things: what city are you watching from and what’s your major the biggest city close to you because I might not know where you are if it’s a small city so what is your closest biggest city and what time would you like to have our live YouTube English lesson?

Alright cool. I’ll watch for your comments. Again Merry Christmas Happy Holidays and I’ll see you tomorrow. Bye!