Have you ever wanted to be like a fly on the wall (an observer) to native English conversation? You know you need practice to improve your listening skills. This is your chance!

My friend and fellow online English as a Second Language teacher Shayna from Espresso English recorded four conversational lessons together with me. I’m so excited to post the first one today. Keep watching, because we will post a new one each Friday for the next 3 weeks!

In today’s lesson, we introduce the concept or idea behind the four video mini series. We also share a little of our own experience as teachers and as language learners and our advice on how to improve your listening and conversational skills. When you watch or listen to this lesson, you’ll learn from our advice and you’ll learn from observing a regular conversation between two native speakers. What do you notice? Share this with your friends!

This is Part 1 in a 4 Part conversational English lesson mini series with Shayna from Espresso English. Watch Part 2 here.