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 How long will it take me to become fluent in English?
It depends! Some things that affect how long it takes to be fluent include:
 — Your first language
— Time, effort, dedication
— Your attitude!
— Having the right learning materials
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conversationHow can I improve my SPEAKING skills? 
That is a wonderful question! We would love to help you improve your English speaking skills! 
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I need someone to practice speaking with! Can you give me the name of someone I can contact?
The YouTube teachers at Go Natural English have partnered with sponsors that take care of the online English teaching.
The best part is that our partners are offering special discounts for you, Go Natural English learners! 
Are the GNE courses for beginners?
Most Go Natural English courses and ebooks are best for students who are at the intermediate level. 
If you are a high beginner, you should try The 100 Most Common Phrases in American English
I can’t afford to pay for your courses! Do you have any FREE ways for me to learn English?
Yes! Go Natural English is a place where students can improve their English skills online by using both free and Premium (paid) materials.
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How can I log in to the Go Natural English Website?

Go Natural English offers paid premium online multimedia English courses on our website.
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 1359721335_9b9dfffb7d_zHow can I improve my LISTENING skills?
That is a great question! We would love to help you to improve your English listening skills! 
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