How to Find the Best English Teacher for YOU

Have you ever thought about how your teacher affects your learning? It's really important! Your teacher should be a good match for you and your learning style. In this lesson, I suggest some points to consider when you're looking for an English teacher, such as:...

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3 English Pronunciation Practice Points for Arabic Speakers

Do you speak Arabic as your native language?  Here are 3 pronunciation tips to help you. These will also be useful for other English learners.  Recognize the sounds that are difficult for you to pronounce.  Most Arabic speakers have difficulty pronouncing the [p] and...

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One Simple Trick to Increase Your Confidence in English

Do you spend a lot of time thinking about how to form the perfect sentence in English? In this free English language learning strategy lesson, we get some very good but counterintuitive advice from superstar Fluent in 3 Months blogger Benny Lewis. Benny and I sat down...

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