Let me Show You the Secrets to Communicating Fluently with Native English Speakers

You have studied English for months, maybe even years in your home country, in a classroom, with a textbook. You have invested a lot of time and money into your skills.

Then you exit the classroom, into the real world, and get a surprise.

Native speakers in the United States and other English-speaking countries do not sound like your teacher. Now you’re experiencing situations where you don’t feel confident in English and can not speak fluently enough to join the conversation.

You need to understand how to communicate in these real life situations or you will get left behind.


Native English Speaker Conversations are Fast and Full of Slang, Idioms and Blended Pronunciation

✅  Slang (expressions like “he is a chicken,” or “she is bae”)

✅  Idioms (like “that takes the cake”)

✅  Pronunciation that is totally different than what you’ve heard before (izibizi –> “Is he busy?”)!


Native English Speaker Conversations are Full of Phrasal Verbs!

It’s much more common to hear someone say

✅  “I get to work at 9am”

than “I arrive to work at 9am.”


Native English speakers love using phrasal verbs! In fact, phrasal verbs appear in 90% of our spoken communication. So if you never learned phrasal verbs in school, or find them confusing, you need to learn the most common ones for fluency.


Is it Possible to Learn English Like a Native?

Maybe you have spent months or even years struggling to speak English fluently, desperately trying to decode native English speakers’ conversations in your office, social life and on TV. You may be able to learn this way, but it takes time and it is difficult to know if you are really improving or wasting your time.

Maybe because you are not a native English speaker, you feel destined forever to always be an outsider, to always feel shy, to miss out on opportunities because you didn’t join a conversation…

But that is wrong!

✅  You can do it!


Here is the Answer to Confident English Fluency

As an English teacher for over 15 years, I have helped many English as a Second Language learners to perfect their English so that most people don’t even know at first that English is not their first language.

How do we do it?

We learn the most important parts of the English language for conversation and fluency. Focus on what really matters, learning from real native speaker conversations. As a language learner and a language teacher, I know the vocabulary, idioms, slang, pronunciation and other most important points to share with you for true conversational fluency for the real world.

Welcome to Fluent Communication, a program of four courses that give you access to the information you need for fluency and confidence in English conversation. You can start with one or get all of them right now.

Finally, Everything You Need for Fluent Communication, Even if You’re Busy!

How Fluent Communication Worked for Other English Learners

Kazu, one of my English learners, is a successful professional in sales. He is the manager of a sales team at a big Japanese company with branches in the United States. Kazu is around 60 years old and was feeling discouraged that he may never speak English fluently, but I believed in him. He was having trouble getting American customers to understand him and buy from him. His years of studying English in Japan did not leave him prepared to talk to Americans. His unclear pronunciation, lack of vocabulary and hesitation to speak made it very difficult for him to establish relationships and make sales for his company.

That is when he found me. I helped him with the Fluent Communication Program materials. Within just a few weeks of self-study, he reported to me that he felt more confident and fluent in English and that his customers were able to understand him more easily. He told me that his boss at his company had noticed a good change too, and that put him on track for a raise!

Philippe, also one of my English learners, is a successfully self-employed, working in real estate. He works with a lot of different contractors from all over the world. It is very important to him to be able to have fluent communication with Americans English speakers and English speakers from all countries! His biggest problem was his  that he had a strong French accent trouble remembering phrasal verbs.

So, I helped him with the Fluent Communication pronunciation and phrasal verb courses. He told me that after studying these lessons he understood things about English pronunciation quickly — things that he had not learned in 10+ years of studying English in a regular classroom! Because of his better understanding of pronunciation and phrasal verbs, he is able to save time and get more done, avoiding miscommunication and repeating the same information over and over.


How Fluent Communication Can Work For You

When you buy one of the Fluent Communication courses or the full program, you get access to an instant download link and can start studying immediately.

The lessons are in video format, which means you can watch or just listen as you do other things. For example, maybe you commute to work on the train. Maybe you jog on a treadmill at the gym. Maybe you wash your dishes at home. In any of these situations, you can study the Fluent Communication Program at the same time!

Lessons are clear explanations in presentation format with plenty of examples. You’ll feel confident when you finally get clear lessons from an expert, native English teacher.

You can practice the material in the following steps:

First, watch the lesson. Repeat the lesson, writing down notes and questions. Apply what you have learned by practicing on your own, with your conversation partners, or send me an email with questions!

You keep the lessons forever. There is no deadline to finish the program. You can review it at any time you like, even years after you buy it.


The Fluent Communication Program


Pronunciation – Course 1

Get a more American-like, native accent after the Fluent Communication pronunciation course. Learn with 17 detailed lessons that show you how to produce the 17 most difficult individual sounds in American English.

Lesson List

  1. ZH
  2. CH
  3. SH
  4. NG
  5. A
  6. E
  7. I
  8. O
  9. U
  10. OU
  11. YU
  12. OI
  13. OW
  14. R
  15. H
  16. L
  17. TH

Click here for to see lesson 1 for free

Pronunciation Course Only
Just what you need - instantly download all lessons in the pronunciation course.
Complete Fluent Communication Program
4 courses - Grammar, Pronunciation, Phrasal Verbs and Conversation!


Phrasal Verbs – Course 2

Become confident with these commonly used phrasal verbs that native speakers use on a daily basis in conversation and writing. Thirteen lessons are included in this course in the form of video presentations, pdf guides, pdf quizzes, and 4 review lessons to help you remember everything you’ve learned.

Lesson List

  1. Come
  2. Get
  3. Make
  4. Go
  5. Put
  6. Take
  7. Break
  8. Look
  9. Pull
  10. Pick
  11. Set
  12. Keep

Click here to see lesson 7 for free

Phrasal Verbs Course
Just what you need - instantly download all lessons in the phrasal verbs course.
Complete Fluent Communication Program
4 courses - Grammar, Pronunciation, Phrasal Verbs and Conversation!


Grammar – Course 3

Understand how to use grammar to express yourself in conversation.

Lesson List

  1. To Be and Articles
  2. Present Simple and Continuous
  3. Past Simple and Continuous
  4. Auxiliary Verbs
  5. Perfect Tenses
  6. Going to and Will
  7. Comparative and Superlative
  8. The Grammar of Desire
  9. The Grammar of Conditionals
  10. The Grammar of Persuasion
  11. Modals
  12. Must and Should
  13. Grammar of Preference
  14. I wish vs. I will
  15. “Do” in Questions

Click here to see lesson 9 for free

Grammar Course
Just what you need - instantly download all lessons in the grammar course.
Complete Fluent Communication Program
4 courses - Grammar, Pronunciation, Phrasal Verbs and Conversation!


Conversation – Course 4

The conversation course will help you to rapidly improve your listening skills for real life. In the conversation course, you listen to audio of real life native English conversations on a variety of practical topics. With each audio conversation you get a video lesson that explains all of the most difficult and interesting points so that you can improve your fluency and understanding of North American English spoken at a rapid, real-life pace. Learn with 13 conversation audios and 13 conversation breakdowns, complete with a text transcript of each to check your understanding.

Lesson List

  1. Meeting New Friends
  2. Talking About  Your Daily Routine
  3. Sharing Memories
  4. Describing Professional Experience
  5. Sharing Your Travels and Experiences
  6. Discussing Weekend Plans and Family
  7. Discussing Computer Preferences
  8. Your Dream Job
  9. What Would You Do if…?
  10. Asking for Opinions and Making Decisions
  11. Discussing Relationships
  12. Shopping Online
  13. Sharing and Overcoming Challenges

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Conversation Course
Just what you need - instantly download all the lessons in the conversation course.
Complete Fluent Communication Program
4 courses - Grammar, Pronunciation, Phrasal Verbs and Conversation!



Total Freedom to Instantly Learn from Anywhere, Anytime

When you buy a course or the full program, you get a link with access to instantly download all your lessons. There is no waiting and it is not a subscription. Study at your own pace, from anywhere with your computer, laptop or mobile device. Rest assured that you will only make one payment, but you will keep all your purchased Fluent Communication lesson for life!

Enjoy studying from anywhere — your home, office, cafe, gym… wherever you bring your laptop or other mobile device!

Lessons should be downloaded to a laptop first, then transferred to a USB / pen drive or other mobile device.





What to Expect if You Take the Fluent Communication Program

You will get the lessons you need to improve your English in four specific areas that you choose — conversation / listening, pronunciation, phrasal verbs and grammar. Finally, you have the control to learn what you need, when you want. If you have more free time, then you can spend it studying. If you have a busy day, don’t worry! You are in control.



The Fluent Communication Program is for you if…

You are an intermediate English learner.

You want lessons to help you reach fluency in English.

You want to study on your own time, and a flexible schedule.

You want to study on your mobile device or laptop.

You want to save money with self-directed learning.

The Fluent Communication Program is NOT for you if…

You are a beginner English learner.

You do not care about reaching fluency in English.

You want a teacher to tell you when to study, and a set schedule.

You want to study with a textbook.

You want to pay for more expensive live lessons.



Still not sure? Common Questions

What level is this program?

The Fluent Communication program is best for intermediate level English learners. If you know the basics, but would like to review or learn more intermediate to advanced topics for English fluency, it’s a great choice.

What am I going to learn?

The Program goal is to share information that you need for conversational fluency in English. You will learn how to communicate more clearly and native-like with more accurate pronunciation, phrasal verbs, correct grammar and with phrases from everyday conversations.

How long is the program? What do I get?

The Program is intended to be completed in 30 days. Ideally, you would focus on each course for one week, studying a couple of lessons each day. However, you could finish a lot faster if you have time to watch several lessons back to back. You will get the most out of the program if you allow time for review and practice.

Can I see a free sample lesson?

✅ Yes!

Click here for a pronunciation course sample

Click here for a phrasal verbs course sample

Click here for a grammar course sample

Click here for a conversation course sample


How can I pay? Is it safe?

You can pay using credit or debit card via PayPal, a trusted online payment processor.


Do you have another question?

Contact me here!



Student Reviews

Dear Gabby, It was a great opportunity that I worked with you to improve my English. The lessons were so interesting. I’ll definitely recommend my friends to take courses with you.

I have learned a lot and improved my listening skills with the Go Natural English Premium Course. I have a big interview coming up and I can thank Go Natural English for helping me to improve my fluency for that.

The book is so cool ... It's have been help me to understand e get better my fluency.

Pretty practical lessons explained in simple words, she shows how we don't need a classroom or teacher or a text book in order to get fluent, read it, you won't regret it

What is great is your videos. It is so clear when you explain things! It’s the right place to go. The Premium Courses are very clear. It’s great to learn the American accent and have an American experience.

Easy to read, it/she made me positive

Definitely one of the best books for Enlgish learners. It really tells you not only just WHAT to do, but also HOW, which is great for practice that you're going to need.

I would highly recommend Gabby’s lessons to those who are seeking to improve their business English skills. After couple of months working with Gabby, my English has improved a lot and I can definitely feel the improvement based on the feedback I received at work or while interacting with other native English speakers.  I am also very impressed by her coaching skills. As a 36 years old ESL student, I find that her instructions are very easy to follow because she can always find the best way to correct a problem.

Incredibly impressed, but not incredibly surprised. I always envisioned your professionalism and creativity finding a place somewhere. Glad to be your colleague and friend.

In my home country Brazil I was not happy with English courses. When I came to the US, I thought classes would be different, but they were not. So, I found Go Natural English and I am very happy with the Premium Course!

Thank you so much for teaching me and providing the Go Natural English Fluent Communication Course. The course really helped me improve my English. All of the materials of the program were awesome!

Well written and clear motivation boost to really start learning meaningful english, thanks Gaby for your time and effort.

Hi everyone, I began today to go through my Go Natural English course the 50 Fixes for English Fluency, it was interesting and lots of idioms to learn!

It’s surprising that your English is absolutely easy to listen to. You pronounce very clearly and I’m sure it put learners mind at rest. I can imagine how talented you are as an English teacher. “Get” is a very useful verb. I “GOT” it! I’m looking forward to seeing your new lessons.

I was worrying about my studying at the same time asking myself should I continue or quite my studying. Now I'm sure it is possible to reach the desired skills in English.

Really thanks for your lessons giving the experience of new way in language learning, especially, how to learn English naturally and effectively. I am one of those who spent lots of time learning English from textbooks in an old traditional way which I spent years since high school to college, but I could not communicate with the English native speakers easily or naturally until I saw your video courses. I have spent just only a few months by trying to listen to a lot of your videos so that now I can think in English and speak English more confidently and effortlessly. I feel very happy now. I am so grateful to you that you have made a lot of priceless videos helping me and others around the world to learn English in a very successfully effective way.

I feel to say each time I go through a new Gabby’s lesson, I’m excited and they are incredibly interesting! Thanks… This course It has been interesting and Gabby is an incredible teacher who knows how to catch your attention and she involves you as you were in a class. I’m sure I’m reaching more fluency and more skills in English language. I would recommend attending this course!

I’ve learned a lot. Now, I’m native like in speaking. I speak very well. I understand native speaker as I am talking to someone in my native language. Many thanks to you for what you have done.

I'm so happy that I found this book. It fits exactly with what I was looking for to improve my english fluency. Defenitley I recommend it.

This is not a book which reveals some great secrets for shortcuts to English learners, however, this is a collection of simple advice, some kind of golden rules maybe, which motivates and encourages to practice a bit every day.