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So today I have a really great five-minute lesson for you. I got this question from André, one of my premium course members. He asked this question in our special closed group for premium members and I already answered it there, but I thought it was such a good question that I wanted to bring it to you all in today’s live lesson for all.

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Okay so here’s the question from André, a premium Go Natural English course member in our premium Facebook group. He says, “Hi friends, how was your weekend? I need your help again! I’d like to know in what situation I must use the words ‘all over the world’, ‘worldwide’, and ‘around the world’. Are these words similar? Thank you for helping!”


Okay, so let me ask you guys: do you want to know the answer to this question? Is it okay if I tell you the answer? Let me come back and see if it’s okay with you. If you’re interested in this question I will share my best answer with you and lots of examples so tell me “yes I’m ready”. Tell me, tell me in the comments! I’m waiting for you.

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Okay I see a lot of “yes please tell me”. You guys are great. Okay, um awesome I will tell you. Let me share my screen with you again and I’ll show you the answers. You’re gonna love this. It’s going to be super helpful because these words are really confusing I had to think about the answer myself for a while.

Using Around the World, All Over the World, and Worldwide

So we have ‘around the world’,  ‘all over the world’, and ‘worldwide’.

Okay, I think you can see on my screen. The answer is they’re really similar but they have some differences in use.

So here’s an example: Christmas is celebrated all over the world. So this is after the verb, so is celebrated that’s the verb. All over the world so we’re describing how it’s celebrated and we use it after the verb.

Next, Christmas is celebrated around the world. These are just examples right? I know not everyone celebrates Christmas but there are people around the world who celebrate Christmas. So Christmas is celebrated around the world. Same, we use it after the verb to describe how.

And then the third example: Christmas is a worldwide holiday. So we describe the word holiday. We use the word worldwide before the word holiday to describe where.

More Examples

More examples this is just a random example I thought of. We can say, yes violence is a worldwide problem.

No, we cannot say violence is an around the world problem. No, no, no, no, no.

Also, we cannot say violence is an all over the world problem. No, that does not sound right. It’s not right. Don’t say that. Why? Because we’re describing where not describing how.

Here’s a few more examples:

Yes. we can say I am traveling around the worldYes, I am traveling all over the worldNo, we cannot say I am traveling worldwide. That does not sound good. Please don’t say that. Why? Because we’re describing how. We would say I‘m traveling the world but not worldwide. So we cannot use worldwide after a verb like am traveling.

Okay, so I know I went really fast. This is something that I would help you guys out with if you were a member of a premium course. These are the kind of questions that we talk about inside our premium group.

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