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So today I’m answering a question from a student. I’ll show you the exact question. I’m going to share my screen and share the question here. So this is a question from Amer Mossa Naser and he asked how can I pronounce the word automatically in the right way? You can see that. I’ll make it really big. I asked you before how can I pronounce the word automatically in a right way.

Ok so first of all when you’re asking a teacher you don’t need to say this part it sounds a little bit pushy, but I’m going to answer because I think it’s a great question and I thank you, Amer, for your great question. Who, Amer, who you are a great motivated English student part of our Go Natural English community and I think that your question can help us in a lot of ways. It’s a very specific question but we can learn three things about American English pronunciation from your one question ,so I love it. I love it. I love it.

Secrets of Native English Pronunciation

If it’s okay with you all if I share three secrets of pronunciation and how to pronounce this word correctly then please type yes comment yes say yes out loud because I want you to be ready I want to know that you’re ready for my helpful short teeny tiny lesson. This is going to be like five minutes long. So I’m waiting to see your answers.

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Alright cool I see you guys are ready to learn so let’s actually take a look at the word automatically and when I say it obviously you can hear me pronouncing it correctly but I’m going to share my screen again so that you can see the word spelled out ok so we have it here automatically, automatically. Ok very good.


There is three things that I want to teach you from this one word first of all go ahead and repeat it after me automatically ok we’re going to break it down the first mistake that I hear a lot of English learners make is separating the vowels they say automatically. No a-u, this is aa – automatically maybe it would be helpful for you to see my face.

Yes ah automatically not oh it’s automatically ok you have to make that face ah automatically in the hands please do it now — ah automatically. Now the second thing, I’m going quickly.

The second thing is that when we have a letter T between two vowel sounds it is not a T anymore so the mistake is to say automatically we should say if we want to speak like a North American automatically automatically do your the D sound not the T sound? It’s like water, butter, better, automatically. Ok and third the third point that you need to know is the stress in this word. So is it automatically? Is it automatically?

I can’t say it wrong. Or is it automatically?Or it is automatically? Or is it automatically? It’s so hard for me to say wrong obviously it it automatically automatically so automatically you’ll notice that there’s a strong syllable. Automatically. Automatically. This is a long word. It’s important to put the stress on the stressed syllable.

Automatically. Then if you can remember long words like this you’ll feel like you’re speaking English fluently and automatically. It will be easy.

Repeat After Me

So repeat after me. Say it loud after me. 3-2-1 automatically ok I don’t know if you said it with me or after me both are great say it with me now 3-2-1 automatically ok good so you learned three things about English pronunciation from this one word you don’t need to separate the vowel sounds.

It is not au, it’s aa. You don’t say a T sound between two vowels. It’s a D sound and you need to know the stressed syllable here is automatically.

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