How Go Natural English Started

Go Natural English started from the founder Gabby’s passion for travel and finding common connections between different cultures. As she met people from around the world, she wanted to help them communicate using the most common language: English.

It began to take shape in 2011 when Gabby was teaching English in Japan. Her students had a lot of good questions.  So she decided to start recording her short English tips on video and sharing them to help her learners become more confident speakers of English.

At first, she made the lessons for her small class of professional adults who were learning English for business use. Then after some time, viewers from around the world starting noticing her clear and motivational teaching style.

She is passionate about helping speakers of different languages to connect and communicate freely. When we can express ourselves better, there will be more understanding in the world!

Gabby is one of the world’s best English teachers and fluency coaches. She has taught in Japan, Brazil, and the United States in universities and in businesses. She has over 15 years of experience and a masters degree in teaching English to speakers of other languages. She loves learning languages too and is fluent in Portuguese, Spanish, and can speak some Japanese and French too!


The Go Natural English YouTube Channel

Go Natural English started as a YouTube channel. Our online community is around 500,000 learners now and we have the crazy goal of helping 1 million English learners become fluent subscribers by the end of the year!


Go Natural English Premium Courses

Our subscribers love our free English tips so much and asked for more. That’s why we offer premium courses, which are focused materials for fast English fluency.


Giving Back

Go Natural English believes in giving back. That’s why we give 10% of our profits to an educational charity called Pencils of Promise. When you learn English with us, you’re doing good for yourself and for others!


More About Gabby

Gabby loves to help people to express themselves like natives, with confidence! This passion comes from traveling a lot when she was younger. She has lived in 5 different US States and more than 5 different foreign countries! She realized that all people want to be able to connect and communicate clearly with each other. She loves to help people achieve this very important goal.

When Gabby is not creating English lessons, she loves to learn about online marketing, loves to cook, to travel and to stay active and go to the gym.



If you are a teacher, feel free to share our free lessons with your students. You might enjoy checking out Gabby’s website for online marketing and business building.

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