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Common intermediate-level mistakes keep you from advanced English fluency.

The 50 Fixes for English Fluency gives you clear, specific progress. This course shows you more than 50 specific improvements you can make on your English language skills.

Have you ever wondered if you’re making some common mistakes?

Do you feel like your English is pretty good, but you want to break through to a new level of fluency and confidence?

Do you want to feel better about your communication skills?

A quick, focused, guided way to progress in English: The 50 Fixes for English Fluency

What exactly will I get when I purchase?

  • 58 video and 58 text lessons
  • Practice challenge activities to help you apply the lessons in real life
  • Lifetime access to connect with Gabby and other awesome, motivated English learners from around the world in a secret Go Natural English social media practice group (on Facebook – you need a free Facebook account to access)

When you register, you get instant and permanent access to the course – there is NO TIME LIMIT for finishing!

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Introduction & About Course 

Vocabulary, Idioms, Phrases Introduction & Learning Strategy

Top 12 most confusing vocabulary words

Lend vs. borrow

View, watch, see, look

Speak, talk, tell, say

Do vs. make

Listen vs. hear

Understand & use idioms

Are you all set?

It’s not my cup of tea

Under the weather / out of sorts / run down / need a little R&R

Let’s hit the books / hit the gym / get to work / get down to business

Keep me in the loop / stay in touch / let me know / keep me informed


Grammar Introduction & Learning Strategy


Too Much Past Tense

Going to vs. will

Wish vs. hope

Have done vs. did

Had done vs. did


When to use “the” — countries, etc.

Using “much” for positive

Bored vs boring

When to use a “to verb” or an “-ing” verb

Prepositions – which verbs take “to,” ie. listen to



Listening Skills Introduction & Learning Strategy

How Native English Sounds

Question intonation

Stressed syllable

Stressed key word in phrase

Understanding tone of voice, sarcasm

Changing emphasis

Confusing words

Can / can’t

Work / walk

13 / 30

Boss / bus

Close / clothes (homophones)


Pronunciation  Skills Introduction & Learning Strategy

Individual problem sounds


vowel + r

months, str, consonant clusters

th as voiced or unvoiced

s as “s” or “z”

stress & intonation problems

questions vs statements

syllable stress – false cognates

monotone vs. key word stress

Special Stress

the power of tone, facial expressions & gestures


Cultural Understanding  & Learning Strategy

Social interaction

Start, continue, end a conversation

Greetings, when to hug

Building Relationships with English Speaking Friends

Active listening

What Not to Ask

Staying in Touch with Technology

How Americans View Foreigners

Where to find English speaking friends

Strategies for developing your communication skills

How to be a more interesting English speaker


Got vs. Had

Some, something, anything

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Welcome! You’re an awesome part of the Go Natural English community.

Let’s keep in mind, as we learn English together, the 3 points that mean fluency:

1. What do you want to be able to say in English? To whom do you want to say it? Basically, think about the 5 WH-questions — How do I want to use English? Where? When? With Whom? And Why? This will help you to clarify your goals and to be ready for those situations when you want to use English. Then you need to build your vocabulary!

2. Be understood. In order to be understood, we have to work on pronunciation and using the right stress in words. We also want to use phrases and vocabulary that are natural so that others can understand you easily.

3. Understand others who speak English. Conversation is two ways! So you must be able to understand other people in order to have meaningful conversations. We’ll talk about listening skills and how native English speakers really sound when they speak quickly and naturally.


In this course there are 5 sections plus a 6th bonus section at the end. Here are the main sections:

1. Vocabulary – Learn the difference between confusing words. Learn the top idioms you need to know, plus how to understand new idioms as you encounter them.

2. Grammar – Understand how to use the appropriate tense and the best word choice. We’ll talk about the common mistakes that English learners make and how you can overcome them easily.

3. Listening – How do natives use English when they speak? The sounds of English change when you hear them from a fluent, native speaker (as opposed to how you may imagine them when you read). The second module in this section will introduce the most confusing words that sound similar but actually do sound different. We will learn how to differentiate them, both when we listen and speak.

4. Pronunciation – Learn to correct problem sounds in your pronunciation and how to improve your “stress” when you speak English. By stress, I mean the rhythm and pronunciation patterns that you use.

5. Cultural Understanding – Learn how to communicate successfully with Americans, and from other English speakers from other cultures. Understanding important social and cultural points in relation to language and communication will help you to be a confident communicator.

6. Bonus! – In this section you’ll get a bonus lesson about how to be a more interesting English speaker and how to have better conversations.


In each section, there are 2 modules with about 5 lessons each. There are a total of 50 lessons (therefore, the 50 Fixes title), plus bonus lessons! Each section will give you a better understanding of how to understand fluent English speakers, and how to become a fluent English speaker yourself. We’re going to work together to understand the secrets of English that you don’t usually get in an English class.


The best place to ask questions about the course is in the private Go Natural English Facebook group. If you have not requested to join yet, please do! Click here to go to THE PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP FOR THE GO NATURAL ENGLISH COURSE COMMUNITY only for course members.


<span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>PRACTICE CHALLENGE</span>

Introduce yourself and start a conversation with someone else by asking a question in our Facebook Group

[tab title=”FAQS”]

How will this course help me?

This course will help you identify and overcome common mistakes that English learners make. It includes points in 5 categories – vocabulary, grammar, speaking, listening and culture.

How much time does it take to complete?

Each lesson takes about 15 minutes to complete.

There is NO TIME LIMIT for finishing the course. It has 58 lessons, so you can do one lesson per day for about two months. However, if you want more or less time, you can study at your own pace.

What level of English is this course for?

This course is good for pre to  upper intermediate English language learners. Advanced English learners will definitely benefit from all of this course as well, but it may be some review.

How can I pay?

You can pay for this course with debit card, credit card, or PayPal.

Is the online payment safe?

Yes! The payments with credit card, debit card, and PayPal are made through a secure connection that keeps your information safe.

Payments are processed with Clickbank, a safe and well-established system that is used by thousands of people to make secure online payments.


Can I ask another question?

Of course! Click here to send me an email.






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Yani from Chile / Germany

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