It is important to learn how to end an English conversation naturally and without any awkwardness.

With this lesson you will learn 3 ways to end your English conversations like a fluent English speaker.

Watch the lesson to hear Gabby’s tips!


How to End an English Conversation

Here are 3 easy ways to end a conversation like a native English speaker:

  • Well, it was really nice talking to you.
  • So, let’s talk again soon.
  • Sorry, I have to run.

You might use one, two, or even all three of these phrases to end your conversation.


Don’t Forget to Use Transition Words

It is important to use transition words when you are ending a conversation.

Use words like well and so to transition the conversation naturally.


BONUS – Responses

You may go back and forth with the person you are talking to in order to end the conversation.

Take a look at the following examples:

  • Well, it was really nice talking to you.
    • Response: It was nice talking to you, too.
  • So, let’s talk again soon.
    • Response: Yeah, I’d love that.
  • Sorry, I have to run.
    • Response: No problem, talk to you later.


We hope this helps you! Try practicing these tips so that you are prepared to end your next English conversation in a natural way!