Do you speak Arabic as your native language?  Here are 3 pronunciation tips to help you. These will also be useful for other English learners. 

  • Recognize the sounds that are difficult for you to pronounce.  Most Arabic speakers have difficulty pronouncing the [p] and [b] sounds.  Work on recognizing the difference.  Once you can hear it, try pronouncing them correctly.  The [p] is voiceless and the [b] is voiced.  Listen to these two words:  pet vs. bet.  Can you hear the difference?
  • Another sound Arabic speakers have a hard time with is the [r] sound.  Work on listening to the American [r] sound in words like “practice” and “write” and notice how Americans don’t roll their tongue up. Arabic speakers tend to roll the tongue up.
  • The 3rd challenge Arabic speakers have is with the final [g] sound with -ing endings as in “finding”.  Listen to how the words that end with -ing don’t actually sound like the voiced [g] sound.  Practice and repeat words like “doing, watching, reacting,” etc.

Speakers of Arabic who learn English can be great conversationalists and improve even more quickly with these tips! Watch the video or listen to the audio below for examples.