English Vocabulary Building – ESL – Powerful Descriptive Adjectives

Spice up your conversations with some powerful descriptive adjectives. Try using these powerful words to describe an experience you have had. You may have learned to say that, for example, you had a “nice day,” or a “good day.” Honestly, “nice” and “good” do not have a strong meaning. If you want to impress people, use stronger, more advanced vocabulary.

There are many adjectives you can use to describe a great experience. Wiki Answers lists even more here.

This video lesson is about how to use and pronounce powerful adjectives. There are some examples in the video and listed below.

worthwhile: a worthwhile trip “The trip to Okinawa was really worthwhile.”

quintessential: a quintessential experience “Eating Okinawa Ramen is a quintessential experience.”

incredible: an incredible beach “It was an incredible beach with crystal clear water.”

gorgeous: a gorgeous sunset “The sunset was especially gorgeous from the lookout point over the ocean.”

marvelous: a marvelous market “The Makishi Market is marvelous. It has many unique food products.”

memorable: a memorable vacation  “It was a memorable vacation. I will never forget spending time with my friends.”

spectacular: a spectacular festival “There were several groups performing. It was a spectacular festival.”

superb: a superb hotel “The staff were kind and I enjoyed the ocean view. Overall, I’m happy to say it was a superb hotel.”

amazing: an amazing culture “Okinawan culture is unique from the rest of Japan. People here live longer than most other places in the world. It truely is an amazing culture.”

stunning: a stunning collection of art “I was really impressed. The museum had a stunning collection of art.”

essential: an essential activity “When you go to Okinawa, an essential activity is to snorkel at the beach.”

phenomenal: a phenomenal beach “The beach with the rock formations coming out of the water was really phenomenal.”

incredible: an incredible time “The four days went by so quickly. I had a really incredible time.”

fascinating: a fascinating culture “Because Okinawan culture is different from the rest of Japan, it really is fascinating.”

lively: lively nightlife “In Okinawa’s capital city, Naha, there are many bars and clubs. The nightlife is quite lively.”

brilliant: a brilliant idea “Renting a car in Okinawa is a brilliant idea.”

magnificent: a magnificent island “Overall, Okinawa is a magnificent island chain. I would recommend visiting the beaches if you have the time and money.”