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What Go Natural English learners are saying about The 50 Fixes for English Fluency membership course:

“This course is interesting and I’m learning new ways to speak and I’m trying to use some expressions when I speak in English language. The videos are clear and the text well organised. The Facebook group is a good way to compare and know new experience and culture from different countries.”

“The course taught me new idioms that I can use them in many situations. I don’t depend on the summaries even if I don’t understand any sentence from the video. Your speech is very clear. I’m so happy to participate in this course.The Facebook group helps me to improve my writing and communicating with others.”

“Is a course where you can improve your listening and comprehension, with a likeable English teacher, who is able to involve the listeners even she can’t see them. Then you can improve your knowledge in language.”

“The subjects were very well chosen.”


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What Go Natural English learners are saying about Gabby’s teaching style:

Gabby has helped me achieving the pronunciation I need. Also she helped preparing for the IELTS test which I got the score I needed to be accept at MBA school. She is helping me with conversations and also with work related words which makes me feel more confident speaking with my customers. I highly recommend 1-to-1 class at Go Natural English.”

Marcos from Brazil


I have asked Gabby to help me with my writing several times. The biggest reason I ask her is that she does not only correct mistakes, but gives me suggestions for clarification and emphasis to make my writings better. Her suggestions are like guide to be a better writer for the future! Thank you, Gabby, for your big help!!

Hiroko from Japan


Hi, my name is Dhawal Mhatre. I am a dentist by profession and the requirements to qualify for one is pretty difficult, including a TOEFL score of more than 100.  I got in touch with gabby after searching the internet for a tutor who could boost my confidence and give my English skills an extra edge. To be frank, I felt very comfortable following gabbys protocol and applying the same in the exam. I scored 106 out of 120.”

– Dr. Dhawal Mhatre from India


I would highly recommend Gabby’s 1-on-1 lessons to those who are seeking to improve their business English skills. After couple of months working with Gabby. My English has improved a lot and I can definitely feel the improvement based on the feedback I received at work or while interacting with other native English speakers.  I am also very impressed by her coaching skills. As a 36 years old ESL student, I find that her instructions are very easy to follow because she can always find the best way to correct a problem. 

Mingzheng from China


Dear Gabby, It was a great opportunity that I worked with you to improve my English and to discuss with you about American culture. You are wonderful! I really learnt a lot from your feedback. The classes were so interesting; and I felt so excited to talk about a lot of topics. I wished the class was more than one hour. I’ll definitely recommend my friends to take classes with you.

-- Hisham from Libya

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